Planning Your Wedding Cars

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Planning Your Wedding Cars

November 3, 2023

Wedding Car Hire Bromsgrove

Planning Your Wedding Day

The amount of preparation and planning that goes into a wedding is huge, from the simplest to the most extravagant, your wedding day is as important to Top Chauffeur as it is to you. No matter what the style or theme is, at Top Chauffeur , we’ll help to make sure that your wedding cars are the perfect match. We aim to make your special day as memorable to your guests as it is to you, and we know a thing or two about weddings! From planning in advance to ensure that the happy couple arrive at the ceremony on time, to transferring the last guests home at the end of the evening reception.

The sooner you have your arrangements booked, the less chance you have of becoming disappointed. You’ll be able to book and arrange everything months, if not years in advance, making sure that your wedding date is not only available for you, but the services that you require as well, from venues to wedding cars, and flowers to photographers and caterers. This will all make sure that your dream wedding day turns out exactly as you imagined, leaving no disappointments, second choices or last-minute decisions. Your wedding day will only ever happen once, so make sure that it’s a perfect event by planning the big day early and down to the very last detail.

What Do You Need To Remember on Your Wedding Day?

Every wedding is unique and centered around each couple’s requirements and how they would like to get married. It is the uniqueness of each wedding day that contributes to making it such a magical event as couples in love tie the knot and share their journey with loved ones and close friends.

Every bride and groom has their own ideas of what a wedding should look like. Weddings are fun-packed occasions, filled with love, laughter and shared with family and friends. Therefore, the planning of the wedding should be fun too.

There are so many things to plan and remember.  Who knew that a wedding for even just a handful of people would cost so much, and why do you need to think about transport and accommodation for relatives who you haven’t seen for years?

If you’re still in the early days of planning, don’t panic. You just need some organisational skills and a steady nerve and you’ll almost certainly not forget any of the day’s key ingredients.

Why do you need to think about transport and accommodation for relatives who you haven’t seen for years? Using a private chauffeur for your wedding cars can help alleviate this worry.

What Is Your Wedding Budget?

Your first task is to discuss the all important budget for your big day. Talk about how much you can both afford and how much you will be able to save over the coming months. If family can help speak to them in the early planning stages, you will then know exactly what you can and can’t afford. Planning without a wedding budget in mind can lead to financial stress and disappointment further down the line.

Book your photographer at least 12 months in advance.

Wedding Photography

Booking a photographer and videographer is a priority when wedding planning. With experienced photographers in high demand, it’s important to book both photo & video services at least 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment. If you already have a business in mind, then you should consider booking them as soon as you’ve set your wedding date. Make sure you look around and most importantly look at their portfolios to ensure their style is exactly what you want for your big day. Photography & videography is not something that should be chosen solely based on price, as it’s one of the only wedding purchases that last forever. 

Airport & Business Transfers


Choose Your Wedding Cars

You can spend weeks, even months, looking for the perfect dress, fitted suit and designing your wedding theme to complement your big day, so why not spend some time finding the perfect wedding car. Your wedding day should radiate with style throughout.  No one wants to turn up in the old banger or family car. You should be arriving at your venue in something that exudes luxury and style This will enhance the overall look of your big day giving the bride a car to be proud to step out of and take the stress out of wedding travel arrangements.

Although it is important to choose a car that fits perfectly in theme with your wedding day, you may also wish to consider a limousine for your bridal party to travel to the ceremony and reception venue. Hiring a chauffeur-driven limousine can have many benefits and will get your bridal party to each destination on time and in style. After all, everyone loves to feel that extra bit special on your big day.

Wedding Guest List

It’s important that you take some time with your partner to create a wedding guest list  to help decide who to invite before sending your invitations out. Once you’ve sent your wedding invitations you will receive a few responses or you may have not, but it’s important to not to take these responses as the final list.

People tend to be quite disorganised and forgetful and may well have forgotten to save the date. However, just because someone hasn’t responded to your invitation, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming, but may need another reminder to push for an RSVP.

Your wedding is one of the most personal and important days in your life, so really prioritise its planning. It’s daunting, time-consuming and will be stressful, but following these simple tips as a starting point will help those first wedding plans a breeze.

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